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"10.6 Mile"

For generations it's been our most popular trip. 10.6 miles on the river. Departs at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. This one is great for new and experienced canoers alike. An average trip time would be 4-7 hours -- including all your stops for fun. Drops off at Cable Bridge Landing and returns you to your car at Wolf River Canoes.

$52.00 per canoe ($48.60 + $3.40 tax)
$39.00 per Kayak ($36.45 + $2.55 tax)
$59.00 per tandem kayak ($55.14 + $3.86 tax)

"4.0 Mile"

Tucker Rd. landing to Riverside. This quiet water float trip is excellent for fishing and exploring the lower Wolf's scenic estuaries & Backwater Lakes. Easy paddle time of 2 hours. Flexible departure.

$52.00 per canoe ($48.60 + $3.40 tax)
$39.00 per Kayak ($36.45 + $2.55 tax)
$59.00 per tandem kayak ($55.14 + $3.86 tax)

"4.5 Mile" (4 or more canoes)

This fun little trip has a paddle-time of only about 2 hours, but there are so many great places to stop that we use a 4 hour schedule in running this trip. Drops off at Cemetery Landing and returns to Cable Bridge Landing. Mon. thru Fri. departs at 12:00 and picks up at 4:00. Weekend schedule - 11:00 to 3:00 or 2:00 to 6:00.

$52.00 per canoe ($48.60 + $3.40 tax)
$39.00 per Kayak ($36.45 + $2.55 tax)
$59.00 per tandem kayak ($55.14 + $3.86 tax)

Groups of 7 or more canoes
$45.00 per canoe ($42.06 + $2.94)

Call For Information On Group Rates 228-452-7666

Guides are available by reservation for groups at additional cost.

Deposits are required for all groups and we need a minimum 24 hour advance notice on any cancellations.

Add Ons

Extra Person in Boat $17.00
Kids under 12 free
Pet Fee $5.00
Seatback Rental $3.00


Parking and shuttle service of your personal canoe or kayak on scheduled trips:

$25.00 per kayak
$35.00 per canoe

"Paddle Around"

Launch & return to the Tucker Road location.
Picnic, fish or just float around.

$35.00 Daily ($32.71 + $2.29 tax)

"Full Moon Paddle Trips"

Call for information or to schedule a Full Moon Paddle trip.

We have a wide variety of kayaks to choose from. Departs
with canoe rentals.

$39.00 per kayak ($36.45 + $2.55 tax)
$59.00 per tandem kayak ($55.14 + $3.86 tax)

Get wet… Lay back… And soak up lots of sun.

- 1 mile Fun Float* -
Tucker Road to Bells Ferry
Call for departure and pick-up times

$14.00 per tube ($13.08 +$.92 tax)
There is a 4 tube minimum rental.

Because…sometimes you feel like getting wet…and
sometimes you don't!

Instruction is available in canoeing and sea-kayaking for
those who would like to improve their skills.

Call for more info.

Because we've experienced a wide variety of ways in which canoers like to do their overnight trips, we let you choose your distance. Just bring your camping gear and choose a great campsite. They are around almost every bend in the river. All over nighters return (by canoe) to their car at Wolf River Canoes.

10.6 Mile -- 15 Mile -- 23.5 Mile -- 35 Mile
One Night (two days)… $74.00 ($69.16 + $4.84 tax)
Two Nights (three days)… $90.00 ($89.72 + $6.28)
Additional Days… $30.00

All prices include 7% state sales tax.
We accept Cash and Local Checks.
We do not accept credit cards due to our location and the inabilty to process mobile credit card transactions.

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