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If you are an experienced canoer, you already know what is appropriate for you to bring with you. If you are somewhat less than sure, let me give you a little advice gathered over more than 20 years of canoeing all types of water…

  • Old tennis shoes or water shoes: Very important for protecting your feet while on the river.

  • Sunscreen/skin protection: A must on the river. The shoulders and tops of legs seem to be the most likely to get burned while canoeing.

  • Food & Beverages: Most canoers work up a pretty good appetite while on the river. People who go out camping with me are continually amazed by the amount of gear I can get in a canoe.

  • Small piece of line to tie ice chest shut: Despite the fact that I have not (knock on wood) tipped over in several years, I still do this to avoid "bobbing for beverages."

  • Small and Medium Ziploc bags: Very useful for protecting smaller items. They may even be inflated and then locked shut for protection and buoyancy.

  • Cup or sponge: Helps remove the natural accumulation of water.

  • Large plastic dry-bags or large plastic garbage bags: Excellent for protecting items such as towels, sleeping bags and other bulky items in the event of an inadvertent tip-over. Also work as emergency rainsuit.

  • 2 to 5 gallon plastic pails: make wonderful containers for all sorts of items that you may wish to bring along on your canoe trip. When we go, we each get one 5 gallon pail with lid for all of our clothes and personal items. These pails also make great camp stools when overnight camping.

  • Good quality air mattress/foam pad: Essential for a good night's sleep. You can't go from your bed at home to the campsite and expect a good night's rest without some kind of support.

  • 3' - 5' piece of 1x12 lumber: This is used between two pails to make our camp kitchen. Placed in the bottom of the canoe, it also serves the purpose of raising the rest of my items a bit so they are not in the small amount of water accumulation.

"The rivers flow not past, but through us, thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber

and cell of our bodies, making them glide and sing." - John Muir

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